I like tinkering with servers at night, the result of which is a nifty night’s work in progress…

What am I tinkering with?

Virtual Machines, Type I and II hypervisors, LXC-images, old hardware, newer hardware, reverse proxies, YAML-scripts, Dockerfiles, Docker-images, docker-compose, SSL-certificates, BASH-scripting, QEMU, KVM, port-forwarding, security, DNS-server settings, backup- and email-solutions, WordPress and much much more…

What is my intention with all this?

Many people want a way to make themselves visible on the Internet, but lack the financial means for it, and are thus at the mercy of Big-Tech where they offer cheap, but you have no privacy. I believe in more free communities, without sacrificing. I especially help musicians who want to gain a little more exposure, so that potentially interested venues can book them. This is important to me, to support this in my local community.

The future?

Who knows? With collaboration between diversified people who have great ideas, we might be able to build a platform for individuals and the community alike; to express themselves the way they want to, in a unique way, and we all make a little money on the side. Till then it’ll be hard to reach me. Maybe later I’ll add an email-address, so contacting me is easier. Thanks!